Marsha started her first business aged 17, and semi-retired for the first time @ age 32. Discover some of her ventures here…

Promo Nation

Promo Nation, is a marketing agency (launched in 2019) to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and creators get more exposure for their brands at an affordable price both online, offline with billboard advertising, and through marketing bundles.

Post-pandemic Promo Nation pivoted to scale back some services, and refined others to help it’s ‘Citizens’ to position and strengthen their brands, increase their exposure. 

In 2023, Promo Nation underwent a full rebrand and relaunch; it still owns and controls a social media network with over 2 million followers in a variety of niches.

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Devised in 2020 and slated for launch in 2024, RECIPROCATE is a community and social networking platform for entrepreneurs, authors, small business owners, creators, and influencers. The primary goal is to launch a Marketplace for business owners to promote one another reciprocally, to collaborate and look for ways to help and add value to each other.

The RECIPROCATE social network will include the ability to; build your network, write articles, share content, DM voice/video calls, voice notes, and, uniquely, the platform leans heavily into gamification to reward activity and adding value to others in the community.

There will be both a free & paid membership level with more features and exclusivity.

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Marsha Wright Consulting

Marsha Wright Consulting (launched in 2004) has been serving clients for close to 20 years in the areas of business growth, mentoring, strategic advice, and a myriad of services related to helping others grow and be successful. 

Typical clients include small business owners, but also include individuals, High-Net-Worth and prominent/celebrity clientele. 

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