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Marsha Wright is a celebrated entrepreneur, TV business expert & media personality, investor, 4x best-selling author and philanthropist. In addition to her many exploits, she’s also one of the most well-known entrepreneur-influencers in the world; with an army of over 600,000 dedicated fans.

Marsha is frequently listed as one of the most influential voices in business, marketing, social media & entrepreneurship.

Her accolades include hosting the #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha™ movement which has trended over 6,000 times, had 6 million+ hashtag shares and created billions of social media impressions. 

She is the Co-Founder & CEO of Promo Nation™ (www.PromoNation.co), a disruptive marketing platform to help brands, businesses, celebrities, influencers & thought-leaders, authors, etc. to get more exposure to their target market.


Origin Story

Marsha’s early life is a sharp contrast to her latter successes. This London-born Millennial spends most of her time traveling the world for business and pleasure, which is a far cry from her true life story of personal triumph and determination.

Despite being a high school dropout, she has a particularly inspiring rags-to-riches story. Her early teens were spent living in children’s group homes after enduring multiple instances of secret sexual abuse from age eight. This led to acting out, behavioral cries for help and a fierce indigence towards bullies, contrary authority figures, and accepting life as it was served.

By age 12, Marsha had entered the care system and moved around several group homes before she aged out at 18. By then, she’d already started showing signs that being an independent entrepreneur would be her path. 


Early Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Around age 7, Marsha started doing odd jobs for extra money, washing family cars, doing the dishes for her older sister, she and her older brother would buy penny candy and sell them at school, etc.

Around age 8 or 9, Marsha remembers watching the movie ‘Baby Boom’ where Diane Keaton had a high-powered job, and lost it after becoming a guardian to a baby by inheritance. After being down on her luck, she then began making gourmet baby food and turned it into a highly successful business. Eventually, her prior employer wanted to acquire her now-successful company after firing her years before.

This movie had a big impact on how Marsha saw herself… Someone who wanted to prove everyone wrong and become a business woman despite all the odds being against her. 

By age 13 Marsha started a small graphics design side-hustle designing & printing graphics, flyers, etc. for small local businesses. She’d caught the business bug, and it was upwards from there. By 15 she moved 40 miles away from bad influences, and enrolled in college a year early—she was always intelligent and ahead of her years. 

Her first mentor (Stan Lopes) was a highly educated professor and educator who ran the last group home she was in—she remained in contact with him until his passing in 2022.

Despite being in and out of care from age 12, Marsha entered mainstream college at age 15, then enrolled for a course in a Management School (after college). This simultaneously after being given a management position at the age of just 17 as a Commercial Operations Manager for an energy-selling brokerage in London. It was both a great and terrible experience and she ended up getting a settlement from this role because of the treatment she experienced.  

Soon after that, with her (around) $800 settlement still at the tender age of 17 Marsha started her first ‘real’ business with a small office in her church’s building. She wrote résumés and helped people to “Get the job they wanted in 40 days or less”.  From a young age, Marsha’s boldness and confidence helped her realize she could create effective résumés for herself and always got invited to interviews; and subsequently was hired into those jobs. When thinking about starting a hustle of her own, it made sense to focus her efforts on helping people (usually twice her age) to get hired. She started consulting and helping draft and investigate legal Employment Union cases earning $50 an hour by age 18.


Billionaire Advice from Richard Branson

Around age 18, Marsha got advice on a television phone-in segment with Sir Richard Branson who gave her sage advice that she still lives by to this day:

  1. Take good care of your people – staff are your steam, you can’t do it without them
  2. Manage your cashflow so you don’t go broke
  3. Be bold, and don’t listen to people who say you can’t do it


The resonating factor of Marsha Wright is her resilience, independence and passion to keep going – no matter the setbacks or stakes. Nothing has stopped her insatiable appetite for making a significant impact and being a success. She looks at her fans and clients with the same eyes, rooting for their success in the ways she needed herself – opening doors and sharing insights to help them suceed. 

Marsha was the underdog that fought to survive and thrive; and that she has. Today she inspires the masses in what she calls “a deep desire to give back, because if I don’t, I dishonor those who saw the diamond in me when I was completely submerged under the paradigm of my circumstances”.


Big Break

Her big break came two years after getting married (age 20) when she went for business and real-estate training at a seminar. Thereafter, she launched a business ‘Regarding Property’ that helped property investors by deeply researching locations and fundamentals to identify the best locations to buy real-estate for safe and likely huge returns.

Her investment reports were sought after by investors and property developers all over the UK. One of which shared it with a very influential investor with a large following. Marsha was invited to speak at her event about finding solid locations to make significant returns in real-estate. This led to Marsha quitting her job as a Personal Assistant at a property management firm, and becoming a speaker and authority on making money while avoiding risk through real-estate, and small business.


Pioneering in the UK

Marsha has been in the public eye since age 22, in 2004 when her first online radio show ‘Locations Uncovered’ launched on iTunes; becoming #1 show in Real Estate & Investing, and #4 in Business.

So popular was the show, that it led to Marsha launching her consulting and mentorship company. Marsha’s structured Mentorship Program ‘Marsha’s Lunches’—hosted in Central London—pioneered the UK Mentorship sector, with various big names in the speaking circuit following suit and launching their own programs modeled off of her own.

Marsha continued to launch and build mentorship programs though 2004-2012 serving thousands of clients both in-person and virtually, with online membership communities and VIP Masterminds in London and Spain.  She built other companies, invested in talent and small businesses with growth potential, and also sat on the board of a multi-million pound government housing property management organization.

Her celebrity soon grew and she was frequently being featured in the press through magazines & newspaper spreads, on television, and on the speakers circuit stage as a sought-after speaker and thought leader. Her impact in the lives of her clients was undeniable and saw her become an instrumental force in the lives and success of primarily grassroots & emerging business owners.

In the years that followed, she founded and invested in numerous entities forming the foundation of her global business empire which has included interests in media, tech, food & beverage, real estate, apparel and others. Her work led to becoming a foremost authority on the topic and methodology of growth & expansion through the power of Strategic Alliances.


High Net-Worth Executive Consulting

An important segway was her transition to trusted advisor to HNWI (high net worth individuals) as her consulting firm went from mass SME, to boutique and high-end. This natural transition was due in part to three key mentors in her life (an entertainment mogul, a dealmaker in the finance world, and a senior advisor to Fortune 500 companies) whose cumulative net worth exceeds $2 Billion.

Today, her massive fan base—comprised of celebrities, power-players, entrepreneurs and everyday people—know and love her through her meteoric rise to social media celebrity via her viral/trending social media movement.

Influencer Marketing

In 2015, Marsha sensed a shift in how connecting people of influence and with customer markets would innovate and add value to her business fanbase. With demand rising, she dove head-first into 5,000+ personal hours of in-depth testing and strategy development that led to a 781% increase in her social media results.

That same year, Marsha (along with husband Simon) co-founded the Digital Exposure Network™, which primarily served brands, agencies, celebrities/personalities, and established/fast-growth companies with opportunities to promote their products and services to wider audiences.

Over time, with over 50 million views a month, 500,000+ fans, and as CEO she worked with other agencies and tapped into the Influencer Marketing sector – spearheaded growing various online social media accounts to a total of over 2 million followers in 20+ niches (ranging from travel, beauty, health, food, sports, millennials, music, business, finance, tech, women, luxury, and lifestyle).


Mental Health Advocacy & Philanthropy

Not stopping there, she has always placed a high priority to give back and has invested in the success of others, including a commitment to philanthropy which included being a proud advocate or mental health as a celebrity patron for the Shaw Mind Foundation (ShawMind.org).

Her influence and launch of the #HeroForMentalHealth a viral social media campaign was integral to helping Shaw Mind get 100,000 signatures—which led to the passing of legislation to bring Mental Health into public schools in the UK as a standard part of the curriculum. A truly major feat and one that will impact children and generations to come.



The Lifestyle+Success+Purpose™️ philosophy has been molded though the wealth of life and business experiences Marsha has summited. It’s through this that she is able to support and champion the success of those she encounters.


Marsha’s mission continues to be…

To perpetuate and empower the mobilization of action that brings dreams and audacious goals to fruition; and impacts individuals, families, communities, corporations, countries, and continents.

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