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Up-Level Your People with Strategic Alliances, Critical Thinking, Fostering the Spirit of Excellence in their Work That Leads to Your Company’s Success

Unlock your organization’s potential with Marsha Wright’s expert-led corporate training programs. Marsha, a renowned influencer in business and personal development, brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to fostering growth, innovation, and leadership in corporate settings.

Key Training Areas:

  • Create & Leverage Strategic Alliances: Learn how to build powerful partnerships and networks that drive business growth. Built on the tenets established in Marsha’s bestselling book: “The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!


  • Leadership Development for Millennial and GenZ Work Forces: Cultivate effective leadership skills that inspire teams and drive organizational success. Marsha has helped to create supportive and collaborative teams learn to ‘water their patch’ of the garden to help the whole company rise. Marsha also excels in communicating how leaders can engage their team with mindfulness in order to mentor and develop rather than manage and control. 


  • Branding & Marketing Excellence: Master the art of branding and marketing to elevate your company’s presence and impact. Marsha covers various topics on marketing strategy, building campaigns, managing relationship-led campaigns that create opportunities for your brand consistently. 


  • Sales Strategy: Marsha is an excellent sales strategist who can help your sales people improve their results, and your non-sales people be more sales and opportunity minded. With Marsha’s help, you can re-look at your assets to create new services, engage new opportunities Strategies to enhance sales performance and customer engagement.

Program Formats & Customization:

  • Workshops & Seminars: Interactive sessions designed to engage, educate, and inspire.
  • Keynote Speaking: Captivating talks tailored to your organization’s needs and goals.
  • Customized Training Solutions: Programs uniquely crafted to address the specific challenges and objectives of your organization.
  • Virtual Training Options: Online training sessions that offer flexibility and convenience.



Why Choose Marsha Wright for Corporate Training?

  • Expertise & Experience: Leverage Marsha’s extensive knowledge in business strategy, leadership, and personal development.
  • Engaging Delivery: Marsha’s dynamic and engaging teaching style ensures an enjoyable and impactful learning experience.
  • Real-World Applications: Training content is not just theoretical but filled with practical insights and strategies that can be immediately applied.
  • Proven Results: Testimonials and case studies from past clients highlighting the tangible benefits of Marsha’s training.



Professional Testimonials

Marsha is a real professional

“Marsha is a great colleague and friend, a professional. You should never take advice from anyone who doesn’t already have what you want. When it comes to creating mutually-beneficial relationships, Marsha Wright has been to the mountaintop and is prepared to get you from here to there“.

n.b. Jim Stovall is hailed by Steve Forbes as one of the most extraordinary men of our era. He is the bestselling author of over 20 books with millions in print around the world in two dozen languages, has had four of his books made into major motion pictures, and is the founder and president of the Emmy Award-Winning Narrative Television Network. 

Jim Stovall, Founder & CEO
Narrative Television Network

We endorse Marsha

“Imagine for a moment a business world where everyone is endorsed and supported by everyone else. What would it be like for you and your business if others advocated for you? The old competitive model of dog-eat-dog is a failed model, as Marsha proves without doubt in The Secret Collaborative Economy.

Through collaboration, CEO SPACE® has helped companies to raise funding in the vicinity of $2.5billion USD, and has helped launch major brands. Our organization is thrilled to endorse Marsha Wright’s new book The Secret Collaborative Economy to our members to encourage the unique benefits of a cooperative rather than competitive way of doing business, that we have become known for”.


Dr Richard Kaye, CEO SPACE® –

Businesses thrive from collaborations...

“Businesses thrive from collaborations. Marsha Wright has truly removed the veil in this exposé about how real business is done, by those unafraid to conquer and be champions in their niches. We believe in collaborations and Strategic Alliances, and are happy to endorse The Secret Collaborative Economy.” 


Darren Hughes, Fleet Street Publications,
and Agora Lifestyles

Her team has driven collaboration

“Twiends has been fortunate to collaborate with Marsha Wright over the last year. Her team has driven collaboration from initiation to completion, showing how it’s done. Now she shares her success secrets in this exciting book.”, The Ethical Promotional Platform
And Directory For Growing Twitter® Following

Marsha Wright is the person...

Marsha Wright is the person to bring to the table when it is time to play big.

With her personal touch and individual insight she see’s clearly the blocks and steps you must make to move forward. Literally stumbling upon Marsha, her impact in such a short time period has helped me shift my perspective and gain clarity to my current situations resulting in moving out of my way and obtaining greater personal success. Thank you!”


Trish Lay, Souls at Play Productions

Marsha gives you specific tools...

“The Secret Collaborative Economy will empower anybody with a passion to imagine and think bigger than ever before.  No matter what business you’re in, or the clientele you serve; Marsha gives you specific tools and a blueprint for success.”


TIE Institute, International Firm Teaching Winning Trading Strategies for Trading Success

I'm impressed by Marsha

“I’m so impressed by Marsha’s incisive understanding of business and human interaction. Just the chapter on using The Secret Collaborative Economy To Secure New Clients alone is worth the price

If you’re looking for a more complete understanding of the value you represent in the marketplace, and how to leverage that value in a whole new way, this is a MUST READ”!


Dr Steve Taubman, Founder and President of Power Track Presentations, Author of the #1 Bestseller UnHypnosis

She Gave Actionable Advice

“Marsha did an excellent job guiding me today. She’s encouraging, energetic, and knowledgeable. I walked away with many implementable ideas.” Aaron Herbert

Marsha Took The Time to Help...

“Felt like she went in-depth and really took the time to try to help, had some great insights as well.” Marcus A.

"My Head Is Exploding"

“Marsha has given me so many ideas that my head is exploding right now. Awesome.” Annie Smith

Marsha is Passionate & Giving...

“Marsha is a passionate and truly giving professional.

She was clearly invested in seeing us succeed and it came across in her energy, pace, and genuineness. We are excited about the next steps!” Cullen & Elitia

She's The Real Deal!

“Marsha is worth it, she is the real deal” Robert Vendryes

Non-Stop Wisdom & Gems

Have a pen and paper poised from the very first second… this woman is a treasure trove of golden business gems and she gives and gives and gives non stop for the whole duration of the call – Stop hesitating, CALL MARSHA TODAY. Dion Johnson

Worth Every Penny!

“The phone call w/Marsha was worth every penny and I’m glad to see successful entrepreneurs like yourself give back and impart your wisdom to budding entrepreneurs at subsidized costs.” Glenn Isaac

Highly Recommend Marsha

“What a call! Marsha gave us really useful, bold and valuable advices. I would really recommend her to anyone working in the social media field!” Janez Tratnik

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