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For the first time since Marsha’s #1 iTunes show back in 2004/05, she’s dipping back into online podcasting, and you can partner with her to bring your brand to her beloved fans and highly-engaged, aspirational audience.

The weekly ‘Lifestyle+Success+Purpose’ Podcast is slated for launch in Spring 2024, hosted by Marsha and will be underpinned by her 20 years of marketing experience both on and offline to ensure its success.

The innovative new podcast merges captivating Reddit-style storytelling with tangible insights on personal and professional growth. 

Each 1 hour episode covers one of the themes of Lifestyle, Success, or Purpose, and includes both shocking Reddit Stories, as well as feel-good content that supports the theme for that week. 


The podcast will be masterfully distributed widely to all major podcast distribution channels, through social media, and via email and promotional partnerships.

YouTube and Tik Tok are a core part of the distribution strategy with daily content Shorts and Clips and other viral-worthy content. Threads will be leveraged for behind-the-scenes content, and Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Facebook will all be utilized to proactively market the show and engage with listeners.

The tag line for the show “Come for The Stories, Stay for Your Transformation” is a strong indicator of the intention to maximize compelling storytelling to build a loyal fanbase who is also actively open to learning about worthy brands.



This includes pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, where ads are placed directly in the podcast episodes. Ads like this have to be produced per network requirements. 


Involving Custom Messages and Brand Mentions, where Marsha personally endorses the sponsor’s products or services.

This can also include an interview with the Sponsors brand. There’s a higher bar for acceptance with this option.


Comprising sponsored content, giveaways, contests, product placements, and ads with discount codes. These are more integrated into the podcast’s content and flow more naturally. Taking it a step further your campaign can also include promotion to Marsha’s Social Media fanbase, in articles, via email and various other channels.

A prime billboard on the 105 in Los Angeles

USA Billboard Advertising

Through Marsha’s social media channels, and with our Promo Nation partnership, we can give your brand exposure throughout the USA on outdoor high-visibility billboards.

Shown is one of the billboards  located close to LAX has an average of 554,000 in daily visibility.

Explore Brand Partnerships for the Podcast

Discover the perfect opportunity to connect your brand with an engaged and growing audience through our ‘Lifestyle+Success+Purpose’ podcast.

We offer a range of tailored advertising and sponsorship options designed to resonate with our listeners and meet your marketing objectives. 

From direct advertisements within episodes to interactive and integrated marketing strategies, right through to co-branded billboard ads in major cites throughout the USA. 

Ensure your message is heard loud and clear:
We’re open to talking about your brands goals, and how to achieve them through Marsha’s audience.

Explore our sponsorship categories to find the best fit for your brand.


Get Primed for Success

While the LSP Podcast’s multi-segmented approach goes beyond Reddit with listener stories and call-ins, it’s important to note that the Reddit stories will play a strong role in generating shareable clips on social media that diver listeners to listen to full episodes, and enabling new audiences to learn about our Sponsors and Partners.

Reddit Stories Could Present Your Biggest Lead-Generator This Year

Reddit-based podcasts have seen notable success, tapping into the vast and diverse content available on Reddit.

These podcasts often feature intriguing, funny, and realistic tales sourced from various subreddits, appealing to a wide audience range with different interests. Successful podcasts in this genre exemplify this success by focusing on storytelling and sharing experiences from Reddit, attracting listeners who enjoy diving into the myriad of stories that Reddit offers​.

The success of these podcasts can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Reddit’s content is vast and varied, offering endless material for podcast episodes. Podcasts that can effectively curate and present this content in an engaging way tend to attract listeners who are either avid Reddit users or those who enjoy the type of content Reddit offers but prefer an audio format. Furthermore, these podcasts often create a unique spin on the content, adding value through commentary, analysis, and sometimes humor, which enhances the original Reddit posts and discussions.

Another aspect of their success is the format and content type. Podcasts that feature interviews, non-fiction narration, and hybrid (multi-segment) episodes tend to have a higher chance of financial success. This success is even more likely if the podcast manages to publish consistently and build a loyal listener base over time. The ability to engage the audience with stories, sharing experiences, and opinion pieces reflects the personal characteristic of the podcasting medium, which is a key to attracting and retaining listeners​​, naturally this benefits Sponsors.

For new Podcasts with Reddit-based content like ‘Lifestyle+Success+Purpose’, there is a clear pathway to success. By leveraging Marsha’s existing influence and follower base, and by focusing on delivering quality, engaging content sourced from Reddit, the podcast can attract a dedicated audience. The key lies in consistently producing content that resonates with listeners and effectively using platforms like YouTube to broaden the reach.

Quality Production 

The Lifestyle+Success+Purpose podcast is set to film in a phenomenal Studio location with 4K camera and professional studio-grade 3-position lighting, and microphones + wireless clip mics. This provides a polished TV-ready set where your brand can be well represented.

We have a full Studio team, sound engineer, editing professionals and social media experts on staff to help this Podcast become a Top 5 show (as Marsha’s prior podcast had). Naturally this comes at a significant cost, and therefore we’re looking to partner with great brands that want to be with us as part of the journey.

Sponsor Ads can be filmed on any of these backgrounds to give variety and lift from the content of the Podcast. These ads can be conceptualized with you or you can leave it to our team to get the creative perfect for you, so you can get the most out of the partnership.

There are eight studio setups available with a different vibe, in addition to plain backgrounds in any color.
Sponsored ads can be filmed on any of these or the other sets available.

Reach Out, Let’s Explore Working Together

Our upcoming ‘Lifestyle+Success+Purpose’ podcast is set to engage a vibrant demographic of adults aged 25-54, who are keen on personal and professional development, there’s a solid mix of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurial fanbase.

While the show is yet to launch, we anticipate a strong connection with Marsha Wright’s existing audience across her social media platforms, including a significant following on her YouTube channel.

This reach provides an excellent foundation for our podcast, offering potential sponsors and advertisers access to an already engaged and growing audience interested in entrepreneurship, lifestyle enhancement, and actionable success strategies.

Marsha’s Team will respond to your query ASAP and within a maximum of 24-48 hours during a normal business week. If your enquiry requires an email response, we’ll go ahead and email you what you need. If not we’ll call you can discuss your inquiry further. Most importantly, we DO respond to this form daily in the order received.

We will add you to Marsha’s contacts email list when you complete this form, you’ll receive occasional emails (no spam) from Marsha, but you can opt out any time via the link at the bottom of the email.