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Highlight Your Event with Marsha’s Touch

Here are just a few testimonials from event attendees…

Event: 7 Practical Strategies To Increasing Your Sales

“I was very pleased to hear Marsha talk, it was very stimulating and interesting, one of the things she said was tips to get structure in your business & life’ which as a small business you sometimes don’t prioritize; so that was a great reminder”

Event Attendee

Event: 7 Practical Strategies To Increase Sales

“Having Marsha speak was really good for us- having speakers from outside the area, who’ve got something different to say differently.

She ticked all the boxes! I don’t think there was anyone in the room who didn’t enjoy seeing her speak, and I defy anyone to walk out this room and say they hadn’t learned something” 

Event Organizer

Event: Business Acceleration Bootcamp

“It was amazing! Awesome! I need to get more organized. The information she gave was really helpful, and some of the questions she asked made me realize I needed to be more structured to reach my goals”

Event Attendee

Event: Business Acceleration Bootcamp

“I connected with Marsha straight away! She was very real, very dedicated, and full of passion. I felt everything she said was really from the heart, honest!

What resonated is she made me feel like I can achieve anything I want to achieve. I cannot praise her enough! Anyone who doesn’t know her, GET TO KNOW HER, she’ll help you reach your dreams”

Event Attendee

Event: Small Business & Startup

“The things I took away from today, I can’t even count them! When she talked about honing in on your company’s benefits and separating that from its features – that was a big thing for me.”


Marsha is sharp and witty, and is always the highlight of the events she speaks at; and is asked back to many events to share due to excellent audience reviews. Marsha delivers fast paced, high octane content to audiences both small and large and is “well worth her fee” according to organizers.

If you’re looking for a speaker to add a real sense of spice and passion to your event, whilst delivering EXCEPTIONAL business content, you should look no further than Marsha Wright!

Business Growth

Accelerate your growth, with punchy, actionable strategies from Marsha; leveraging her years of experience.

Sales Strategy

Marsha helps break down the barriers many people have with ‘selling’, and pinpoints sales keys for ethical deals.

Building Relationships

Growth & success need strong relationships. Marsha shares core tactics and ways to stand out from the crowd.

Millenial & Gen Z

They say it’s hard to work with these generations, but there’s nuance to winning and flourishing with them.

Start/Strengthen Your Brand

If you’re not a Brand, You’re not on the map! Marsha helps attendees shift from being providers to a loved brand to leverage loyalty and grow in the social landscape to grow profits & purpose.

Strategic Alliances

Marsha will unveil specific tactics to identify your intangible Asset Points you can leverage to catapult your sales, relationships, loyalty & profitability—with core strategies from her bestselling book.

Marketing Strategy

Yesterday’s tactics are tomorrow’s relics. To keep pace and outlast your competition you have to do things differently and innovate in your marketing. Marsha shares practical ways for attendees to do it right.

Life Lessons

Marsha talks about how to harness all of life’s experiences to create your next season of greatness.

Making a Difference

If passion is your event focus, Marsha pinpoints how to change and create change, impact and significance.

Lifestyle, Success, Purpose

Marsha shares the LSP philosophy. How to succeed in every area business, life, personal goals.


Marsha’s energy is infectious! She’ll share personal anecdotes and action points for the audience.

Increasing Profit

Marsha focuses on identifying opportunities & improving cashflow management with  super actionable steps.

Business Start-up

Your event attendees will leave this talk inspired with actionable points, to start and build their own brand.

BOLD Women

A myriad of topics that will enthuse and empower women to LIVE BOLDLY! and win deliberately.

Customized Speech

Marsha can also create a customized speech based on your needs and event focus. Please inquire early.

Why Your Attendees Will Love Her…

Marsha is a respected and experienced business owner; she’s not just a talking head. She’s not just a speaker! As you’ll discover from reading the About page of this site and the media pages, she is both highly regarded as an authority on her topics, but has built an effervescence in her personality that simply makes you want to MOVE, DO BETTER, and BE BETTER!

In this regard, she has the ability to electrify any audience with energy, drive, pizzazz and impetus. What is so refreshing, is that she does so with practical tips based on years of experience, meticulous implementation and the kind of acumen that can only be gained by generating millions in sales and walking the talk.

Marsha’s training businesses have mentored over 3,000 business owners, which gives her a remarkable insight into how people process information and how they can hear and implement her teachings.

She brings a wealth of experience and practicality drawn from her successes and failures, and those of her many clients. This enables her to speak confidently and humanly to people from all different walks of life.

Marsha Wright has gained a worthy reputation as one of Europe’s most inspiring business experts, and is a prolific Business Speaker who has been on stage since 2004. Her straight-up, no nonsense, and innovative approach to business has led her to speak at hundreds of events where she is a huge inspiration; and exudes passion to help others achieve prodigious feats.

Marsha’s Unique Style

    • no fluff
    • knowledgeable
    • funny
    • enlightening
    • charismatic
    • popular
    • content-rich
    • practical
    • life-changing

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent, clear, concise and confident delivery.
  • She will give your audience fresh and innovative ideas to maximize results.
  • Your participants will leave your event with a revived focus.
  • They will leave with PRACTICAL tips they can implement right away.
  • Marsha will add real value to your event no fluff, just great content that inspires action.
  • If the event is internal for your staff, expect an increase in productivity and a likely increase in your bottom line.
  • Marsha will never over-pitch her own services on stage at any event. It’s all about you and your audience.
  • In a male dominated speaking world, Marsha provides a refreshing change that inspires audiences from all walks of life and business.

Event Marketing Support

  • Marsha can participate in press junkets prior to the event that are arranged by you, e.g. radio interviews, tv and newspaper coverage for the event.
  • As a Co-Founder of the PROMO NATION® Marsha’s appearance at your event includes extensive marketing, promotion and collaborative partnership for your event success included within her appearance fee.
  • Marsha also includes promotion of your event to her email database and followers 675,000+ (as appropriate).
  • To avoid disappointment please inquire early and ensure you have a suitable speaker budget and event details available.

Your Event – Just Better

  • Marsha can keynote your event in person, or virtually either LIVE or pre-recorded.
  • Host or co-host an event
  • Provide full workshop or interactive sessions
  • Satellite link up or live stream to your event
  • Webinar or teleconference seminar and more…

Appearance Options

  • Book signing
  • After-dinner speech
  • Breakout speeches
  • Photo-op meet & greet
  • Speaking keynote or lineup
  • Live or remote appearance
  • Multi-Day events
  • Workshops / Mastermind
  • 20 min – full day facilitation

Speaking Fees

  • Marsha’s in-person speaking fees depend on the event and are inclusive of speech preparation, event promotion, downloadable print-outs, etc. (Range  $25,000-$50,000). Virtual event range $5,000-$15,000.
  • Should you wish to film and re-use the speech a licensing fee will be applicable, and can be discussed during your inquiry.

Charity Events

  • Marsha is BIG on supporting charities with her time and knowledge. She apportions some of her speaking hours for philanthropy or donates part of her appearance fee to charity.
  • Tell us about your event and charitable organization, and we’ll let you know if Marsha can accommodate an adjustment on the honorarium.


    80-min Session Topic: Going Beyond Transactions: How to Resonate & Win More Business With Millennials, Secure Massive Exposure & Boost Your Bottom Line

    “I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about your session and we would love to have you back again”.

    Valerie Saunders, CRMS.

    Executive Director, National Association of Mortgage Brokers (namb.org).

    60-min Session Topic: 7 Practical Strategies to Increase Sales & Balance Life as a Small Business Owner

    “Having Marsha speak was really good for us- having speakers from outside the area, who’ve got something different to say differently.

    She ticked all the boxes! I don’t think there was anyone in the room who didn’t enjoy seeing her speak, and I defy anyone to walk out this room and say they hadn’t learned something”.

    Event Organizer, Small Business Midlands

    Speaking & Appearance Inquiry

    Want the dynamic super-influencer Marsha Wright at your event? Of course you do! Inquire here to start the process –

    • Note: Marsha does not travel/speak without a fee. Please only make an inquiry if you are certain that you have a speakers budget.
    • Marsha’s speaking schedule is booked many months in advance as far forward as a year, therefore please make an inquiry to check on availability as soon as you know of the date and city of your event.
    • Please get in touch about your event and we will provide info on availability and discuss the rates to your event.