Celebrity Patron: The Shaw Mind Foundation

“The Shaw Mind Foundation is very proud to have such an inspirational and strong lady on board as a patron of our charity.

Marsha was instrumental in leading our social media for our HeaducationUK campaign (to make mental health education compulsory in all UK schools), helping us achieve over 100,000 signatures on our government petition.”

Natalie Beggs Operations Director, The Shaw Mind Foundation

Marsha has always placed a high priority on giving back through philanthropic efforts. So, when the Shaw Mind Foundation approached her to become a Celebrity Patron, she was only too happy to lend her significant experience, platform and name to the worthy cause to drive the Mental Health and wellness movement forward.

Mental Health is a topic close to her own heart for many reasons, not least because; as a young person in group homes, dealing with the trail of destruction caused by multiple instances of sexual abuse, she attempted suicide and dealt with years of emotional scars. Her journey has impacted millions, but it’s not enough to make a few ripples, when people are still suffering.

As a proud advocate of mental health, Marsha supported as a celebrity patron for the Shaw Mind Foundation ( she continues her passionate work to help push the agenda of making mental health education compulsory (among other initiatives).

Charity Auction for Children’s Craniofacial Association

The general public was able to bid on a one-on-one Skype session with Marsha Wright, business expert, bestselling author, and TV personality. The winning bidder was able to excel their business and gain focus to their dreams of being successful and self-sufficient.

Wright has a significant international following and is a celebrity in her own right. Children’s Craniofacial Association
CCA provides financial assistance for medical travel, an unparalleled psychosocial support network, and educational outreach into schools.