Board Advisor


Marsha’s 20 Years of Professional Excellence includes press coverage & appearances that includes:

Marsha Wright is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and CEO with numerous credits to her name. As a serial entrepreneur, her vast knowledge and expertise in building brands, marketing strategy, growth, and planning have helped countless businesses chart a course for newfound successes.

As an influencer, speaker, marketing and business expert with two decades of business experience in-the-trenches helping thousands of businesses, Marsha is able to be a part of your company’s board – bringing fresh eyes, balancing opposing personalities, identifying high-level decisions to be made and giving accountability to support change.

Marsha Wright has advised a plethora of companies in Tech, Finance, Media, Business Services, Consumer and other sectors.

Get Marsha’s Insight on Your Board

Leadership and Mentorship: Guiding and mentoring senior management and other board members, enhancing leadership skills within the organization.

Crisis Management: Offering expertise in handling crises, and protecting the company’s reputation and stakeholder interests.

Strategic Insight and Oversight: Offering strategic direction and oversight to steer the company towards sustainable growth and risk mitigation.

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