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About Marsha’s Social Media Channels & Audience 

Learn about Marsha’s social channels and audiences and where your brand could fit in her social landscape.

* This page is updated periodically, however, please reach out for more timely information. 

Tap Into Marsha’s Engaged Audiences 

Collaborate with Marsha to not only amplify your brand’s reach but also to penetrate new markets with her endorsement.

This partnership is your gateway to convert awareness into action among audiences who trust Marsha’s guidance, unlocking new levels of brand loyalty and engagement.

Key Sponsor Benefits

  • Direct Access to New Markets: Gain unparalleled entry to Marsha’s diverse and highly-engaged audience across various platforms, opening up new demographic segments for your brand.
  • Elevated Brand Trust and Authority: Leverage Marsha’s credibility and influential status to bolster your brand’s authority, enhancing consumer trust and perception.
  • Strategic Content Integration: Benefit from customized content strategies that seamlessly integrate your brand into Marsha’s narrative, ensuring your message resonates and aligns with audience values.
  • Conversion and Growth Opportunities: Utilize direct engagement tactics to not only reach but activate an audience primed for growth, driving conversions and reinforcing brand loyalty.

Marsha’s Email Subscribers

These are channels where solo/promotional emails can be sent for brands that align with Marsha’s audience has an engaged newsletter subscriber list with thousands of subscribers. Avg. click-through rate 29-44%.

Promo Nation®

The site has a solid growing subscriber list who are entrepreneurs, creators, and small business owners. Avg. click-through rate 29-49%.

RECIPROCATE is a community and social network. The list continues to grow during the waitlist/beta release stage.

@MarshaWright Verified ✅ since 2016

Marsha has built a prolific X community over the past 10 years comprised of both entrepreneurs and aspirational lifestyle fans. The audience trusts her voice, they respond and engage most when Marsha posts about her life, thoughts, and images of her with products or living her enviable beach life.

Marsha also runs the popular social media trending movement #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha which has garnered billions of hashtag impressions. The hashtag movement started on 2004 and has been a weekend event ever since.

During 2024/25, the content on her Twitter channel will incorporate more Thought Leadership threads, business features, video clips from Marsha exclusive to Twitter, and Lifestyle, Success, Purpose geared content.

Her audience are both aspirational and entrepreneurial – though a significant number of her audience are not entrepreneurs – thus she has a broad yet focused community who want to improve their life and make a difference in some way.

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Marsha’s audience on YouTube love motivation and inspiring content. The channel has grown organically and after some viral videos had a boom of subscribers from early 2022, with an avg. of 3,000 – 5,000 new subscribers monthly.

In 2024/25 the content will pivot gently from celebrity inspo to include more videos from Marsha’s upcoming podcast, reddit reactions to Lifestyle, Success, Purpose content + Business Tips and commentary. in addition, Marsha shares thoughtful no-BS reviews of Brands Marsha Loves and Brands Worth Discovering.

Avg. 250-500k monthly returning viewers, 2-5 million views a month.

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Similar to her YouTube, Marsha’s TikTok has garnered an organically growing community of motivational and inspirational content. Some videos have gone viral with over 1 million views.

Though 2024/25 Marsha will be rolling out more videos/behind the scenes from her upcoming podcast, commentary exclusive to TikTok and lifestyle content that engages her audience and continues to grow the community.

At the time of writing, the audience is primarily females in the USA aged 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44, please contact for more up to date audience insights.

@MarshaWrightOfficial verified ✅

Marsha’s Instagram presence has been a place to connect with and share her lifestyle, more private pictures of everyday life, food (she’s an avid vegan cook), her travels and things she’s doing. Less-so business content, and more of the down-to-earth, relatable woman that she is. 

The content will have a distinct Lifestyle Focus: Showcase Marsha’s tropical lifestyle, fashion, and wellness journey. High-quality, visually appealing images and stories with substance over quantity.



Marsha has a strong LinkedIn community, and has focused her posts toward sharing insights, marketing tips, business growth strategies and success-focused content for small business owners and entrepreneurs – who are her main audience here.

2024/25 will double-down on this commitment. Marketing campaigns to this audience have proven very effective for fund-raising as well as business products and services. 



Marsha’s Facebook community is aspirational, loves motivation, personal growth and content that speaks poignantly to the mind/heart.

During 2024/25 you’ll see more content from Marsha’s Podcast, answering fan questions, some behind the scenes content, motivational thought pieces and empowering content that touches the need her audience has for rich content.

This channel will also include interview features of Brands Worth Discovering and Brands I Love by Marsha. 


Medium is somewhat an underutilized channel for Marsha, however despite this she has organically grown to over 24,000 followers. Medium is used by over 100 million MAUs; and promises a great opportunity for brands to reach Marsha’s community there.

2024/25 focus for this channel is to roll out strong value long-form content and thought pieces, to engage her existing audience. 

Core topics will be more business leaning – e.g. marketing, life lessons, and business strategies. Deepending thought pieces on life lessons and the Success/Porpose end of Marsha’s LSP podcast content spotlighting unique insights based on her experience.

🧵 @MarshaWrightOfficial verified ✅

Marsha’s Threads community benefits from being her channel for early announcements of her projects, thought experiments, insights from her podcast, deep dives into her marketing strategies, and coverage of her business success strategies from the lens of what she’s doing in her own business ventures. 

2024/25 will see her business community continue growing in this space.