Consistency Will Win Your Race… The 4 Get Quick ‘Get Reals’

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An abundant life can be accomplished and maintained the moment you realise that you alone are capable of making the shifts you need to make.

Truth is, no matter how successful we become as leaders or entrepreneurs, consistently doing what you know you should is a secret demon of us all. Whether in business, health, relationships. Whatever.

Many people smarter than me have suggested that one way to get your priorities right is to make a list of the benefits of focusing on what you should do and set daily goals that contradict the ‘bad behaviour’.


But here’s my take on it…

In my experience mentoring so many leaders, investors and entrepreneurs, I have found that the principle key to consistency/focus/keeping the passion alive is to actually UNDERSTAND YOURSELF!

Trying to change your behaviour and results without understanding how your brain deals with your outlook, is like chartering a luxury yacht to sail in a swamp. It’s just not going to work!


In Order to See Change… You need to think about and address these 4 internal questions:


1. Why am I REALLY avoiding doing what I have to do?


Get ready for your defence mechanism to kick in here. You will be offering loads of excuses right now. Some of them will be really valid (excuse me while I go get a tiny violin).

Your excuses and reasons – no matter how valid – are no consolation to the delays that your inconsistency causes.

TIP: It’s helpful to write these excuses down so when they creep in again you’ll recognise them for the distractions they are.

Delegate these off and focus.

Aristotle said:
“We are what we consistently do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit”.


2. Can I REALLY handle the results of completing and achieving my goals?


Okay, I know that sounds a silly question but it makes sense. Many more people are afraid of success than failure. This is one of the biggest base reasons for complacency and procrastination.

Ask yourself. “what’s the best thing that will happen if I do xyz consistently?”.

Check in truthful contemplation if the answer freaks you out or gives you any ounce of trepidation.

If it does then figure it out specifically. WHAT specifically will change in your life/business if you accomplish the desired outcome?

Be honest about the results you want and then make a shift to develop your courage.


3. Where did I learn this behaviour of procrastination/inconsistency?


If you can trace the origins of something you’ll have a lot more power over it. That power, if wielded correctly, can be your catalyst for change.

Learn to detest the wastage of time. You will become more consistent with this knowledge. Work DAILY in your COMMITMENT to doing ‘it’ no matter what the feelings or excuses are.


4. Finally… Who am I hanging around? And what am I listening to?


This may be a cliche, but you are what you mentally eat. If you have people with low standards in your inner circle, that IS what you will be.

Change your circle to include more people who are driven and dedicated. Be the blood hound. Look for greatness and up your game. Rise up to the top in your mind and your friends.

One of the ways I share how to improve your circle is by attending industry events AND also looking for events that are specifically for others who are growing business relationships and finding synergy.

I’m incidentally hosting an event called Leveraging Strategic Alliances Global Summit taking place at dates throughout this year. The event focuses on sharing the skills and ‘how to’ of actually increasing and improving your circle in order to open doors to your biggest success goals yet. All the information about the event can be found at

Remember, in creating excellent connections, nothing is impossible unless you think it is.



Excuses aren’t winners! The world is waiting for you – so — go get em!

Do you have any tips about being consistent? Did the article make sense to you or did it hit a nerve?  Did you take any ah-ha’s from this article? Please comment below or Tweet Me @MarshaWright and I’ll reply back.


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