Marsha Wright Consistently Ranks in the Top 20 (Digital Scout, March 2018)

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Latest News, Press Releases & Latest News

It goes without saying that technology, and especially social media, have changed the way we communicate and interact with our customers in the digital age.

Social Media Marketing is gaining increasingly more popularity for the simple reason, that when one partner with the right influencer, one gains credibility by association and reach audiences that might otherwise not be possible.

For this reason, her reach and popularity among her followers and fans, Marsha Wright is consistently earning top rankings.  She is Top 20 out of 100 according to Digital Scout’s newly published Top 100 Social Media and Marketing Influencer for March 2018.

As a Celebrity Influencer, she continues to work with corporates and brands for sponsorship, endorsement and Brand Ambassador deals. To find out more about working with Marsha Wright on an Influencer Program visit HERE.

Follow Marsha Wright on Twitter @MarshaWright.

The full list of influencers is available HERE


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