Marsha Wright: Hit’s 1M Tweets Milestone: Cements Her Place As One of The Most Prolific Users on Twitter

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Latest News, Press Releases & Latest News

Marsha is Unstoppable!

On July 28th, 2017, Marsha Wright officially solidified her name as one of Twitters most prolific tweeters, having sent over 1 million tweets on the platform.

Since joining the site in 2009 and being largely dormant until 2014 (a year prior to her co-founding the Digital Exposure Network™), she upped her game on the social media mainstay by seeing explosive growth and an expanding fanbase. Her Twitter followers grew from around 20,000 in March 2014 to over 100,000 by November that same year. Today, with close to 600,000 followers and fans, she announced  that she had finally reached the milestone of sending 1 Million Tweets:



In the days running up to the achievement, Wright sent tweets counting down from around 1,300 to go. In a rare digital high-five, the Official @Twitter account seemed supportive of her hyper-interactive behavior with an encouraging tweet to keep going and reach the milestone:




Her fans were only too happy to jump on the bandwagon congratulating Wright for the achievement…













Her 1 Millionth Tweet was a Lottery…

What makes this even more epic is that Marsha completely missed her Millionth tweet! It was sent as one of many pre-programmed for that day. Wright admitted having to go count backwards a few tweets to see what the official millionth tweet was… It could have been a disaster… something completely meaningless and unimpressive… But when she tracked back, it couldn’t have been a more fitting tweet for, arguably, the most inspiring personality on Twitter.

Her one Millionth tweet read “The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. – Eden Phillpotts”






They say there will always be haters to success… One tweeter pointed out that Marsha hadn’t actually sent 1 million tweets herself that she wrote by hand, prompting the fiery London-born influencer to snap back with a priceless retort following a rapid relenting by the user:









To catch Marsha’s highly addicting tweets head to her Twitter and follow the Social Media Influencer on everyone’s lips!


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