Marsha Wright ranked 95/100 by Klear Influencer Score

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Latest News, Press Releases & Latest News

Marsha Wright has once again been recognized as a formidable Influencer, whose impact in the social media space continues to flourish. serves more than 2 million monthly visitors in three core areas: Social media monitoring, Influencer marketing and competitive intelligence. It analyzes billions of interactions that happen every day on social networks and extracts valuable insights that determine the most influential voices who truly have the ear of the public.

According to the Klear algorithm, Marsha Wright ranked 95/100 as a Brand Influencer on a database that consists of over 500 million social profiles. This score is calculated by statistical analysis of engagement, reach, demographics, network and other factors.

Marsha’s Engagement ranking is amongst the highest on the Klear platform. People trust influencers, not ads. The ranking from Klear, used by major brands for their Influencer campaigns worldwide is a further testament that Marsha Wright has the ability to drive and influence action from audiences.

To see the Klear profile overview tap here:

Influence is not just about how many followers you have, or how many engagements you get but rather the number of relevant users that see and react to your content.

As a Celebrity Influencer, Marsha Continues to work with corporates and brands in sponsorship, endorsement and Brand Ambassador partnership deals. To find out more about working with Marsha Wright on an Influencer Program visit HERE.

Follow Marsha Wright on Twitter @MarshaWright.


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