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If you’ve ever wanted to truly achieve your life, business, career and personal dreams, if some of the goals you’ve set have zoomed past you on the highway of life, if you’ve found yourself wanting more fullfilment, or to find your purpose on this planet, and somehow things come up that have derailed you then you’re at the right site…

By carving out her own life of success and fulfilment, you can follow the journey to achieving YOUR version of perfection not matter what your goals are:

  • Increasing income
  • Starting a side-hustle or passion project
  • Growth for your a business or brand
  • Health/Wellness Goals
  • Finding Your Mojo or Getting it back
  • Getting to a life of balance
  • Rediscovering joy in your life, work, career or business


Marsha’s ‘Lifestyle+Success+Purpose’ framework is more than a mantra—it’s a lived experience, tailored to elevate every dimension of your life.

Whether you’re sculpting a business, crafting a career, or seeking richness in your personal life, Marsha’s insights bridge the gap between dreams and reality. Her unique approach guides you through setting audacious goals while equipping you with the strategic foresight to lay the foundations of a legacy filled with pride and authenticity. …





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“I really need a mentor in order to challenge my goals, my thinking and
help me keep focused on action. I would love to have a mentor that I can learn from, that can teach me new things and enable me perhaps in the future to set up JV’s with them.

My goal is to be financially free by June 2006, I hope that you can be one of my mentors who enable me to do this”.

I need a mentor to guide me out of this prolonged rat race. I desperately need to take things to the next level up now.

I need a Mentor because I want to make the right decisions in managing my money and acquiring my first piece of property. I am a foreigner in this country and I would like to make a success of my move to the UK. I would like to go back to Jamaica and live my dream, ‘Scott’s Beach Resort’. I am very driven. Right after i met you at the Cumberland Hotel I moved to live in Alton, Hampshire but will make the necessary arrangements to get to the seminars. I hope I’m not too late to get in. I replied to this message within minutes of opening it.

I need a mentor to help me plan and put into practise a viable course of action to enable me to become financially free within the next two years.

Marsha, I am building a property development company in Brazil (should be actively trading all being well within a couple of months)and need general advice about senior personal selection and the business administrative structure balancing cost efficient business administration costs against security for investors – a delicate balance. I am also looking for investors in the firm in order to lower my overall fixed operating costs which increase in size proportionately the smaller the development. A larger development than I can afford right now should prove more profitable for all concerned.

There is nothing better than the benefit of being led by someone who has gone where you want to go. I want to enter property refurbishment/development and would welcome direction & guidance in order to make this happen.

Hello Marsha -thanks for this. Why I need a mentor: I have ideas, and I have Vision – I just need the ‘right’ guidance and someone to help steer me in the right direction – someone who knows, has done it all before – and can see my potential, to help me realise it!! Marsha – When I met you back in November, I knew that you had sensed something in me – I knew because you spent more time talking to me then anyone else that night – and I felt lucky and privileged – Thank you!! You also told me that I needed to be financially secure. I was made redundant just before Christmas, so i’m now back to square 1…for now. Perhaps the timing isn’t right for me just yet… I also know that when I gain some security, I’ll be right back – KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR!!! p.s. you also told me to buy my name domain – i’ve done that too!!

To guide me towards financial freedom, and help me understand the tools required to succeed.

I need someone to be there for me and to give me the encouragement that I need

I believe that a mentor will serve as a road map and a source of inspiration towards the attainment of any worthy ideal.

I need a mentor to assist and direct me. Due to unforseen circumstances I have lost time and have been isolated from alot of things, but I am urging to get my life in order. P.S. pls leave a msg if I don’t answer your call straight away.

Hi Marsha, I was one of the first people to meet you at the Business Startup Exhibution in November 2005,I travelled from Liverpool the night before.I feel it was worth the journey as being with so many people with the same interest of wanting to be successful or developing an idea was very valuable to me. Being part of your mentor programme will help me focus on workable plans towards a financially successful future. Best Wishes, Alex

I want to achieve big I’m trying to set up my own business in caring and I need to talk to people who have done it give me foresight, and wisdom, finding out the daily routines of successful people.

I feel I need a mentor for guidance and advice and I believe the person to guide me is the one walking the talk. I also believe I can learn from my mentor’s experience because she would have gone through the various challenges I’m going or would go through and has found a system that works. Her experience can teach me and in return for this offer her also my support, loyalty and anything that can add value to her business. I would really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you.

Over the years I have had many bold ideas about property development, but found that I needed that element of moral and professional support to give me encouragement, and to bounce some of my bright ideas off. This is where mentoring comes in. It can really make all the difference in me forging forward successfully in property.

I run a lifestyle organisation with 1000 members. I desperately need your help.

I need to find out the best way to bring my business forward and always put myself is a win/win situation.

So that i can make guided, good investments as i begin my BTL portfolio, with possibly a few refurbs along the way. Thank you Marsha

I need to move on in life. I need help please.

After an extremely challenging year and considerable debt as a result of unscrupulous business partners, I am starting a new phase of my life at the age of 54. I need to fast-track my business and get back on track to achieve financial freedom. I am willing to work as hard as is necessary to achieve this in the next 2 years. I will be travelling on Wednesday which is why I have included only my mobile and will be very happy to speak then or another day on the landline.

I would like to know how to go about building my property portfolio in order to attain the maximum success, while avoiding costly mistakes. I am also 35 years old, married with two children under the age of three. This means that I have to invest my time wisely and profitably. To achieve all of these goals, I need to benefit from the advice and experience of someone who has been there and done a marvellous job, just like you! Please be my guide and mentor, Marsha! Thank you and God bless you!!

We are just starting out in the property business. I know you once were were we are and have a ton-load of experience, ideas and contacts that would help us avoid making expensive mistakes. Also, I’m sure there must be some way for us to work together symbioticly. God bless you and your family. Timmy.

I am currently just making a start in the property buisness and purchasing below market value. I intend to begin as a finder for other developers in order to raise capital before I buy my own properties. I feel I need a mentor to 1st of all help my set goals some of my short term goals. I know what I want to achieve long term but with very little experiance in this industry I dont know what is a realistic amount of deals or money to make in a given time frame. I do hope to purchase my first buy to sell by July, then start building a portfolio of student accomodation buy to let properties in Augast Is this realistic? 2nd of all. I’ve never been great with numbers I do plan to get on a course in order to brush up a bit. However my main concern is when it comes to financing deals & approaching investors. I have never approached a private investor before so I have no idea about what they need to know and how to present a deal to them. I have read a few things and have noticed the term “Creative Financing” but as yet I have been unable to find an in depth book or course covering this subject. I very much look forward to hearing from you. I feel I have the determination to succeed in this business but I am just missing a few tools to get the job done. I can assure you that calling me will not be a waste of your time as I plan to do everything in my power to achieve my goals & your help along the way will be greatly appreciated.

Have been dipping my toe in the freelance waters for a couple of years but have decided that I want to give up my job and make a real go of my business. It is no longer enough for me to earn a bit of extra money by selling my time more lucratively, I want a business that will grow and from which I can earn money even when I’m not working in it. A mentor will help me on the path to establising a really successful business, give me the chance to learn from their experiences and have the chance to check out ideas with someone who knows whether they will work or not.

I believe a mentor can be a good sounding board who I can solicit honest feedback on my property investment strategy going forward.

So that I can learn from the mistakes of someone who has already taken the journey. Where the person can pull out the potential in me that I can’t see.