9 Marsha Wright Quotes to Live By (Business Owners & Managers Edition)

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Marsha Wright is a world-renowned TV Business Expert, International #1 Bestselling Author, Serial-Entrepreneur, Syndicated Columnist and Strategic Alliances Expert whose exploits include an ownership interests in of various businesses spread globally in numerous industries. She has a significant and loyal fan base worldwide and her enterprises serve clients in no less than 20 countries.

Her media appearances have exposed her message to over ten million people, and her reach exceeds 40 countries. She appears weekly on numerous news programs internationally as a commentator on the economy, business, strategic alliances and crisis management to name a few (see the MEDIA PAGE for full interviews).

Marsha believes in the power of strategic relationships that have created trillions of dollars in countless industries worldwide. She is also the #1 International Bestselling author of the successful business book ‘The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!’

  1. “In business it’s the little things that matter. It’s how your staff answer the phone. How you address someone in an email. How you put their needs before your agenda that counts” – Marsha Wright
    Our moms taught us well, and research backs it up; if you treat people well they will feel better about working with you. So before you hit send on an email without including the recipients name, take a moment to personalize the experience. Before you ask a favor or make an outright demand, try thinking about how the recipient will receive your request. Re-engineer your request so that you aren’t the only person in the equation. You could really push the boat out by attempting to fill a need they have first – would that be daring?
  2. “Sometimes you only need to look at other high achievers to remember how GREAT you can become. You can do ANYTHING, and don’t you forget it!” – Marsha Wright
    It’s very easy to become insular when you’re in a position of authority. But just stop a moment long enough to see that others have achieved higher heights too. Anything that you can fathom is achievable; so don’t cut your business short or your own potential. Seek and accelerate beyond your limitations.
  3. “Your state of mind can usually be changed if you had less of something or more of something else. Learn to be content; whilst you focus on improving.” – Marsha Wright
    There’s a difference between keeping up with the Jones’ and trying to accomplish something outside your current natural abilities. If you find you are facing a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, take a moment to be content that you are even facing it to start with. Then take a breath and make an actionable plan with your TEAM or mentors. The important thing here is your MINDSET. So soak up relevant content constantly that helps you see the way to reduce or increase “x” as necessary. Keep your mind right and the rest will follow.
  4. “Winning is all about your state of mind. Win in your head FIRST before you arrive at the arena” – Marsha Wright
    If you want to accomplish great things you can’t “wait and see what happens”. Banish that language and thinking altogether from your reality. If WINNING is the only option – then WIN IN YOUR HEAD first! Great athletes do it. Now it’s your turn to do the same!
  5. “There’s no substitute for dedication – you either are or you aren’t. You’ve just gotta be honest with yourself.” – Marsha Wright
    Surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to the vision is essential to success. But going a step further, it’s important to trim those who are dedicated but wholly incapable of taking the vision to the next level. “Dedication, Discipline, Determination, Decision, Decisive Action…” are The Five D’s to accomplishing anything.
  6. “It is not possible to wish for the failure of another human being, without losing a piece of yourself” – Marsha Wright
    Not that this needs much explanation, but the more you wish for someones downfall, the more toxic your life will be. Wishing “worse than me” on others is something humans do – because we’re obsessed with comparisons. But take you out of the equation, and you probably wouldn’t care much. Though they may well deserve it, keep your eyes on your own agenda and execution is a sure way to attract and preserve positivity in your own life and business.
  7. “This whole world is FULL of everybody else” BE AMAZING ANYTHING ELSE IS A WASTE OF TIME! – Marsha Wright
    If you could be AMAZING, then why not be. Do it for you. Do it to leave a legacy, and choose everyday to make that 1% better a reality. It soon adds up.
  8. “There exists no enlightened teacher who sees a glint of potential in a student who is not compelled to fan the flame” – Marsha Wright
    So inspire others, be the thermostat not the thermometer. See potential and harness it in your team. Take a leaf out of Zappos® book, and develop phenomenal talent from within. You’ll get what you put in. Too many people expect to see a return, when they don’t sufficiently water the seed.
  9. “In all things remember that you are probably as imperfect as the person you so enjoy critiquing.” –  Marsha Wright
    Improve yourself and follow the strategies of “How to Win Friends & Influence People” – render criticism only if you want the recipient to become defensive and offended. People rarely enjoy seeing a mirror of their errors, even when they are dead wrong. Instead of being a mirror of condemnation seek better ways to get what you want.

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