EP. 49 – Marsha Wright Shares Her Journey From High School Dropout To Serial Entrepreneur And Best Selling Author

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Podcasts

At the age of seven Marsha Wright discovered her fascination of business, while selling sweets to children at her school. As she got older, Marsha did not fit the mold of her other classmates and was told by teachers that she would never amount to anything. After dropping out of school, she could not hide her lust for life and wanted to become someone better, she discovered her dreams, goals and pure determination to succeed. By following her goals she is now a best selling author and sheds light on how a person can achieve anything, with the right attitude.


“Know your amygdala.” – Tweet This
“True success is multifaceted.” – Tweet This
“Success comes from consistency.” – Tweet This
“Best advice is to come back with a success story.” – Tweet This
“Being approachable and genuine is the thing to attract people.” – Tweet This
“If your head is in the right space then you will attract the right people.” – Tweet This
“You are both the worst enemy and best champion that you will ever have. ” – Tweet This
“Being an entrepreneur or starting a business takes a lot of bravery, and a little bit of crazy.” – Tweet This


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