Early Tweets and Secret Society Feelers from Whatsapp founders… Twitter, Facebook – Brian Acton and Jan Koum’s – $19bn deal

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Rejection is something that cripples many people – but Feb 20, 2014 saw another example why you should never let it phase you…

The deal for the Facebook acquisition of the instant messaging giant WhatsApp for $19bn was reportedly signed where the founder used to collect his welfare checks.

I for one, don’t believe that WhatsApp would have become what it has without having been turned down by Twitter and Facebook (see below images of their early testing and difficulties…). Entrepreneurs who succeed fought against the biggest odds and in the face of scrutiny and mockery.


We should all try to get rejected more often…


We should all… EVERY DAY! do something that could get us rejected, make us feel hinky and make us feel like we’re getting ready to surf the biggest wave of our lives.

Instead of spectating, we should be an active force in our own lives and put ourselves ‘out there’ to garner criticism, praise and all the funny things in between. Use the post-rejection time to think, collaborate with your team, add more value.

But DON’T internalize it to the point of debilitating you from making progress.

This deal serves to remind business owners, and dreamers that you can build something significant that doesn’t take away from your journey – EVEN if you are being turned away by those who are influential.


Early Messages in Twitter and “A Small World” (I am personally a member of and have been for about 3-4 years) – which is a by invitation-only online travel and social club for influential types and movers and shakers):



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