Marsha Wright Keynote & Book Signing at the National Association of Mortgage Professionals Conference 15 Oct 2017

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Keynote: “Going Beyond Transactions: How to Resonate & Win More Business With Millennials, Secure Massive Exposure & Boost Your Bottom Line”


Marsha Wright is a Celebrity Influencer & Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor, 4x Bestselling Author, Huffington Post Columnist & Business Expert seen on TV.

She is the CEO of the Digital Exposure Network™ which has 2million+ followers & 90million+ social views a month. Marsha’s social media movements have trended over 1,000 times worldwide and garnered over 4 million hashtag shares.

In addition to being one of the most highly recognized Influencers in the world, she semi-retired aged 32 but still selectively works with celebrities, corporates and businesses to help them resonate with and secure more business.

Marsha is a recognized authority in marketing strategy and a premier thought-leader on the topic of leveraging ‘Strategic Alliances’ to attain every business goal. She joins the NAMB National traveling from Asia to Keynote and share keys to boosting your Mortgage business.

In her Not-To-Be-Missed Keynote Session you will discover:
  • 3 Anchors Your Business Needs to Resonate With Millennials aged 20-40.
  • How to Leverage ‘Social Engagement’ to Create Meaningful Genuine Relationships that Translate to Loyalty, and Customers Who Want to See Your Business Succeed.
  • How to Find, Secure and Successfully Profit from the Best Strategic Partnerships of Your Career.
  • How to Differentiate in an Easily Identifiable Way, In A Highly Competitive Industry.
  • How to Quit Being a Slave to Search Engine Placement… And Win More Eyeballs Without Spending a Dime.
  • Why NOT Selling a Mortgage/Loan… Will Help You Sell More of Them!
  • How To Secure Countless Ambassadors Overnight (and Understanding Why You Need Them).
  • How To Stop Caring About Accolades That Don’t Help Your Bottom-Line… and How To Focus on and Attain Those That Will!


If you’re a Mortgage Professional and wish to attend the event, or you want to come to the book-signing and meet & greet event, sign up here:

Tickets are $120 but FREE if you use the code “MARSHAFREE” when prompted. You may bring up to 10 members of your team with you to this event. Discount code expires on October 6th, 2017.


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