Marsha Wright Receives Number 15 Nod in the ‘Top #WomenInTech 2017’ – Who Says It’s A Man’s World?!

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Latest News, Press Releases & Latest News

Onalytica analysed over 631,000 social media posts from January to November 2017 and established that Marsha Wright ranked 15th on their Top 25 list as Top Female Marketing Tech Influencers.


These statistics took into account how much social media engagement Marsha drove, the number of tweets on specific topics and the followers reached as well as how often she was referenced by other influencers.

So, what does it actually mean to be an influencer?  To be an influencer means that a person’s opinion and expertise carries enough weight to influence audiences, brands and the industry as a whole.

In Marsha Wright’s case, it is not just about Influencer Marketing but more about Influencer relationships and resonance of her message. She continues to grow her own audience with 50 million monthly views and close to 600,000 fans on social media.

Marsha Wright continues to share authentic, relevant, interesting and valuable insights to her followers daily via @MarshaWright on Twitter.

The full Onalytica Report can be accessed here (link).


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