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Time with Natalie


I Want It Now!

5 x 30 for BBC1

“Marsha was a fantastic guest business expert on the episode, which had 3.6 million viewers on BBC1 – her segment was 6 minutes of the 30min show.” Silver River Productions


I Want it Now! is a quirky, aspirational new series that takes a side-ways swipe at consumerism. It gets people who have been brand-washed by advertisers to question whether they really do need the things they think they need.and whether they really can live without them. Penny Smith takes on die-hard consumers and attempts to persuade them that there are better, cheaper, more practical alternatives out there.

The series questions:

* Why we’re so in love with the gas-guzzling 4×4 car
* Why it’s become trendy to splash out hundreds of pounds on a designer dog
* Why we’re so addicted to expensive gym memberships
* Why mums think they need designer baby gear for their tots
* Why we aspire to a holiday home in the sun (with Entrepreneur & Expert Marsha Wright)

Series Producer
Ian Carre

Executive Producer
Daisy Goodwin / Tanya Shaw

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