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Last update Nov 25, 2023



  • “My guest for today is a renowned serial-entrepreneur, TV business expert and #1 bestselling author Marsha Wright. She is the Founder and CEO of Promo Nation a platform for entrepreneurs, business owners and content creators to gain more exposure. Marsha  and owns which is a global hub for Strategic Alliances. Her online series The ONE THING is distributed to over 2 million entrepreneurs and professionals, not to mention her syndicated column, which is read online by hundreds of thousands of readers through outlets like The Huffington Post and B-daily. Marsha thanks for joining us today, and welcome to the show…”
  • “Joining us now is TV business expert and serial entrepreneur Marsha Wright who is with us from Europe today”
  • “Someone who knows a great deal about the topic of _________ is well-known entrepreneur and business expert Marsha Wright, Marsha it’s great to have you on with us…”
  • “Today we have Strategic Business Alliances expert and #1 best selling author of “The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!” Marsha Wright joining us, hello Marsha, what’s your take on this…?”
  • “Today a fantastic guest who is no stranger to making waves in the business world joins me to share her pearls of wisdom with our __NAME YOUR SHOW__ guest audience. She is a serial-entrepreneur, four time #1 bestselling author, investor, speaker, columnist and has an impressive array of business interests all over the world. In addition to growing her own businesses and portfolio, she has become a well known business expert; which has resulted in her appearing on TV, in newspapers and magazines and on radio internationally.  Without further delay let me welcome our guest Marsha Wright from”



  • “Marsha it has been such a pleasure having you on the show – can you tell our listeners how they can get hold of you…”

Twitter: @MarshaWright or Web:

  • I KNOW YOUR BOOK IS AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, SONY AND OF COURSE MARSHAWRIGHT.COM – What’s the best way for people to get a hold of The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, Faster!?

SHE WILL ANSWER: “There are several versions from Amazon to a Personally Autographed Hardcover – Just go to for all options or and search for Secret Collaborative Economy”.




Of course we know that hosts and program managers like to create relevant questions for the segment their guests are on, But if you’re short for time here are a few questions that could help jump an interview off:

  • “We keep hearing about the risks that the economy faces from overseas outsourcing, what do you think CEOs and business owners in America should be doing to safeguard their businesses and retain profits – but still keep jobs here at home?”
  • “You authored the #1 bestselling book THE SECRET COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY – what do you think the government, and particularly those in office should be doing to collaborate more and stimulate the economy?”
  • “Now Marsha, you’ve appeared on television internationally and have a pretty big profile, how can businesses follow that example and be seen, maybe raise their profile more using collaboration?”
  • “Confidence is still low with the everyday business owner and even with multi-million dollar companies, there’s still a lot of pressure to control spending — you’re a Strategic Alliances expert how do you think companies can work on thriving even with much of the economy being tentative about it?”
  • “So Marsha, you are a business owner who has really built yourself from grass roots, can you tell us what that means, how did you start out and go on to build your businesses?”
  • “What insight can you offer for businesses owners who are listening to the show now and are looking for better strategies to grow their businesses?”
  • “Now you’re a # International best-selling author, four-times over – how did this start and all cumulate to your writing of the book that gained promotion to 1.1million people with Zero $0 investment?”
  • “One of the many hats you wear has propelled you to be positioned as a Strategic Alliances Expert. As small businesses we need to all work together more, can you explore how we can do this through Strategic Alliances?”
  • “In your new book you talk about discovering “Your Asset Points”. What is this and how does someone go about discovering their own unique “Asset Points”? – and why would they even want to?”
  • “What are some ways companies can build their exposure and brand awareness?”
  • “From your experience, what are some of the biggest mistakes new business owners make, and how can they avoid these pitfalls?”